To create and produce the beautyTo create and
produce the beauty

To brighten our customers' life through our high quality cosmetic products and services which result in a beautiful skin sooner than before.
Since its foundation in 1966, C'BON has been holding up the same corporate philosophy, “Create and Produce the beauty”.

C'BON's commitments

Products that persistently pursues gentleness and efficacy to the skin

Our passion to provide the experience of the definite effect” and the satisfaction till the last one drop of our products”
With that passion, we are committed to unique and persistent research and development of cosmetic products which build a basis to nurture beautiful skin.

  • Water Commitment to high-quality water

    Because we consider high-quality water to be essential for cosmetic products, C'BON purifies the raw water through many stages. To prevent recontamination by microorganisms afterwards, we reserve it at the temperature as high as 80℃ until right before blending it. We are completely committed to the quality of water, the basis of cosmetic products, especially because it is applied directly onto the skin.

  • Quality Commitment to product quality

    We, C'BON, research, develop and manufacture our skincare products internally.
    We select the finest ingredients and, after many trials and errors on their combination and blending ratio, our products finally come to life.
    Our scientist's commitments and visions are concentrated in each of our products.

  • Effect Commitment to efficacy

    We offer Quasi-Drug products depending on the purpose and efficacy. A Quasi-Drug product is a medicated cosmetic product, for which particular efficacy and effect are approved to be claimed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
    Our aim is to offer cosmetic products whose effects can be recognized on various skin problems, while also focusing on the gentleness to the skin.

C'BON's Beauty System

The first step towards beautiful skin starts with C'BON's skincare.

Our pursuit of an ideal skincare method that makes the skin truly beautiful led us to the conclusion of “skincare at home” + “maintenance at our beauty salon”.
The professional advice and facial massage techniques at the beauty salon complement what cannot be achieved just by the daily skin care at home, which shall act on natural function of the skin. By repeating this process, the skin will become more beautiful, and that, more quickly.

  • Home careHome careHome care
  • Salon careSalon careSalon care